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BYD Xu Feng: new green energy is the future development trend of the electronics industry

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In the battery and automotive industries BYD water from the wind into the recent high-profile led lighting market, from epitaxial, Chip development, down to the packaging applications, across the board covering the LED industry chain. In this high cross meeting, BYD, as representatives of high-tech enterprises, to bring LED products and new energy vehicles to participate, China LED network interviewed Miss Xu Feng, public relations manager of BYD, BYD to understand the current situation and lighting LED lighting industry conditions.

Profound knowledge, quality precipitation
According to Xu Feng introduction, BYD, which began 03 years since the development of LED Lighting products, mature products in September this year was a high-profile line of sight into the industry. BYD headquarters such as the Ping Shan LED lights transformation, all manufactured using BYD solar LED lights. Xu Feng explained, solar LED street light is to the advantage of solar energy and the perfect combination to achieve efficient, green, energy-saving purposes. In sunny days, solar energy can be accumulated, stored and rainy weather in the evening and release energy, to lighting. Xu Feng said confidently that the sun lamp, the maximum storage capacity to provide 4.8 days in a row under rainy weather conditions, street use, consume in the solar storage only after the electricity is energy conservation.
New green energy is the future development trend of the electronics industry
Xu Feng said that BYD is currently working on the development of new energy sources such as solar lighting, new energy and automobile. New green energy is the future development trend of the electronics industry, development is very optimistic. BYD lighting of a project established in Huizhou Daya Bay has now reached a production value of RMB 200 million per month, the second phase is still under construction.
Careful people can be found, and some other brands now BYD's car and began extensive use of LED lights as the lights. Xu Feng, Use LED lights as the lights have two advantages, first, short response time, a step on the brake lights immediately; Second, penetration and long range, especially in heavy rain and some fog in the area often greatly improve traffic safety. BYD other LED lighting products have been in the domestic sales of Wal-Mart's Sam's Club stores.
Enterprises should increase attention to and investment in the upstream industry
The author is more concerned about the topic is, BYD has invested in the upstream chip since the production of the lamps that BYD is using its own chips it? Xu Feng said sincerely, BYD plans to purchase dozens, some have now arrived, but still at the experimental stage, no production, and to go into the light, currently used mostly wafer chips and Thai Valley . Xu Feng think, LED upper reaches of the higher technical difficulty, but also the most profitable part of the powerful enterprises to invest in the production of epitaxial wafers and chips will help reduce the cost of the lamps. BYD from 03 now, done a lot of research, lighting research and development team has more than 400 people, developing very rapidly, I believe that the chip can be quickly available.
LED domestic enterprises do not worry about sunk costs
We understand that lighting giant in many countries, such as GE, very early in the study NVC and other LED lighting, but not very large-scale application. Xu Feng analysis, precisely because they are traditional lighting giant, due to sunk cost barriers, so that they can not let go of traditional lighting, to promote LED. The current high price of LED lamps, if the impact is bound to promote the traditional sales of lighting products, thereby affecting performance. This is exactly the BYD, and some domestic companies the advantages of LED, Xu Feng said.
On the status of BYD, Xu Feng said that BYD has not yet done in the lighting market for formal conferences, as BYD yet to be established sales channels. By BYD's plans, as well as follow-up will appear in Shenzhen BYD stores across the country to establish and market counters, the current investment in progress.

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