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Northern Micro Zhao Jinrong: domestic equipment manufacturing challenges and opportunities

Enlarge font  Decrease font Publish date:2010-11-23   Source:liang360   Scan times:259

As a rapidly emerging microelectronic device manufacturers, the North Microelectronics Co., Ltd. for the semiconductor, solar and led the international advanced enterprises to provide water for the etching Equipment. October 15, 2010, at the China International exhibition and Forum semiconductor lighting, general manager of the North Microelectronics Zhao Jinrong accepted a joint interview with media.
First, the Chinese LED industry could surpass the advanced world in a short time

Reporter: Would you please analyze the IC, solar, LED three markets differ? Why full access to different areas? In these three areas are technically different?

Zhao Jinrong: I think as the IC, this industry has developed in the international community for many years, should be said that the gap between domestic and international is still relatively large, for China to catch up with Intel, the IC enterprises also take a long time, but the solar energy industry in Although the development of our country only a few years, several large enterprises in China have been standing in the world's top three, and this is similar to LED industry in China and abroad, although there are some gaps, but I think as quickly and solar industries will catch up. Let me give a simple example, the same is a 32-nanometer wafer, people do is CPU, we have to do is memory, U disk such thing, in fact, we put the equipment cost is the same, but our price is completely different, it is difficult to reflect the cost advantage of China is entirely technical. However, solar cells and LED, like how much of this solar cell is how much money a comprehensive easy to play advantage, LED is the same, as long as you do it, the price will not vary so much, so the two industries Inside, the Chinese have developed rapidly.

Second, an industry innovation should be a whole chain of innovation

Reporter: At present, etching machines What are the technical barriers? This year the North launched a LED Chip microelectronic etching machine, the device's launch of what is to promote the development of the role of LED?

Zhao Jinrong: by 2003, the domestic high-end devices are basically imported. Manufactured from the device itself is really very difficult, through years of efforts, it should be said to be a breakthrough, and we became the first in the country into the nano-equipment manufacturers. An industry of innovation, should be the whole industry chain of innovation, or the whole industry chain and promote each other on the basis of the development is possible. For example, as Japan's largest IT factory, they have very good equipment and materials, they have a new idea can become a reality soon, but in China, the equipment is purchased, or the equipment mature, so Our process will not be special, natural period of time will be later than others. And cooperation with foreign countries, at the beginning, when the other party may require our plant within two years or more within the time allowed to market release, that is to their own competitive advantages and create a two-year period of two years After our products to the market may have been relatively out of date, so I think China wants to follow the development of foreign countries to buy equipment means there is no problem, however, to walk in front of others, they must have their own production equipment, So this time we introduce a graphical sapphire substrate for etching machine, full supply chain Support, no matter what kind of graphics, all the supplies and solutions we provide are, I think, which in this area ahead with the international relative, without any gaps. As a domestic chip manufacturers do have a PSS solution. So I think the real process to improve the needs of a number of equipment companies, is not very mature domestic enterprises, which leads all of China's technology to go along with someone else. LED in order to lead the industry, we must let the device on the same level of international standing.

Third, LED chip industry in the development of plant and plant is complementary

Reporter: Where is the bottleneck equipment inside? How to break through to achieve the future beyond.

Zhao Jinrong: We do more than 20 years, this is a mutually reinforcing process, there are equipment needs, will have a lot of equipment around the plant needs to do chip deSign and development of plants; turn equipment companies to meet the needs of chip factory equipment came out to do in order to promote the development of the chip plant. Solar energy industry is a very obvious example, the beginning of equipment is imported, slowly enter the market and the application of domestic equipment, and gradually foster a lot of equipment companies, companies developed these devices after they complement our other businesses to develop, they have a mutually dependent relationship. If that does not chip factory in China, there is no plant, the industry will not develop. And if the plant production capacity is weak, the chip plant can not use your stuff, this is a continuous improvement process, so with the development of LED, many plant has entered the industry, and as long as the plant make money they will be given on the LED industry, more attention. MOCVD just like now, like many families are concerned about China, but also cast a lot of money, as we have the attention and investment, the rest is a matter of time.

Fourth, be familiar with the patent rules of the game, but also to innovation

Reporter: North Microelectronics is how to solve the problem the patent and core technology? Northern edge microelectronic devices in which the local area?

Zhao Jinrong: we are all concerned about the patent. And the IC industry compared to the beginning of LED industry plagued by patents. So if we can not make things to be no patent issues, patent issues are things out sooner or later. Therefore, we have long been strategic analysis of patents. To now, only a few years time we have over 300 patents.
I think the patent is a strategic, but also a game, we need to be familiar with this rule. If you think this technology is not innovative, and that was all sealed off patent; if the technology is still innovative, others in innovation, we are innovation, every innovation is to you to apply for a patent down, maybe one day they need your patent. The patent is not so terrible, but that only familiar with the rules, but it started to want to imitate a patent issue. As long as there are opportunities for innovation.

Localization is a very obvious advantage of the device, any foreign equipment can not not come in after the problem is a problem then we must repair and maintenance services costs, domestic and abroad is not the same. Differences due to time and cost to determine the local device has a competitive advantage, but only if certain is the technology has breakthrough.

Fifth, the improvement of domestic MOCVD process and the chip plant to improve cooperation is very important.

Reporter: How do the current localization of MOCVD?

Zhao Jinrong: MOVCD really difficult to design and manufacture. A few years ago not many people are concerned about or does not have the capital investment, which caused the country a few years, corporate attention, the latter put a lot of power. However, although the original has been working both were, but it does not say in front of them behind the development of no chance. I think that since we are concerned about the investment money, it would have a chance. Do MOVCD assessment, the biggest difficulty is the workmanship. In the process improvement company on how the plant together with the chip, or integrated and basic research is very important. I think our chance is there, but not that simple, I think as long as there is money to do it, can always be made, the key is worth doing. If the sights, but also financial resources to do that is opportunity.

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