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High energy consumption CCFL LCD television within two years or delisting

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Now all LED TV, CCFL TVs have become extinct. At the Chongqing Skyworth LED products ordering meeting held a few days ag

"Now all LED TV, CCFL TVs have become extinct. "At the Chongqing Skyworth LED products ordering meeting held a few days ago, dealers have found best selling CCFL TVs in previous years are no longer accepting orders.
  This reporter has learned, LCD (LCD TV) into the market for 5 years, with the popularization of LED backlighting for TVs, initially CCFL Backlight television has gradually faded out of the market. Yesterday, the industry expects CCFL TVs will fade within two years of Chongqing marketing.

  Manufacturer discontinued next year CCFL TVs

  "At present, Skyworth LED TV output above 95%, CCFL TVs yield of less than 5%. "Yesterday, Skyworth Group China's regional marketing director of human resources JISHA Tibetan village, CCFL TVs will stop production early next year.

  Hisense, KONKA, CHANGHONG, a number of TV producers also told reporters, is expected to gradually discontinued CCFL TVs next year.

  Reporter learned from the Chongqing suning, GOME stores yesterday, CCFL TVs currently sold only 30%. Two hypermarkets, brand color TV's CCFL TV model only one or two, and sold as low prices and special offers. "LED TV more and more consumers, CCFL TVs is expected within a year or two will gradually fade out market in Chongqing. "Chongqing Yuan Yue, head of GOME TV said.

  High energy consumption which was back in the main

  "For consumers, than CCFL LED TV is the most important energy-saving around 30%, image is better. "Home appliance industry observer Liang Zhen-Peng said.

  Analysis of Liang Zhen-Peng, flat-screen TV efficiency standards introduced at the end of last year, as one of the factory inspection items limited values of energy efficiency, CCFL TVs was hopeless. First-line color television manufacturers turned to mass production LED TV. Owell consulting firm statistics, LED TV prices average down nearly 30% over a year earlier, with dimensions of CCFL and LED TV TV spreads out in less than $ 1000.

  "In Chongqing on the market, a 42-inch LED TV each sell for about $ 3,800, with CCFL TVs the size of each sold about $ 3,000. "Chongqing GOME Yuan Yue said, head of TV, because the consumer mainstream, stores are more willing to do promotions on the LED TV, so the two spreads will be lower.

  Industry sources say, is in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, CCFL TVs in stores than smaller, will quit before the year first-tier cities.

  Chongqing household appliance industry association official said, CCFL TVs in two or three lines of urban, rural market demand is still relatively large, "after all the same size CCFL TVs are cheaper than LED TV $ 1000 or so. "The official said.

  D and smart TV will become the main battlefield

  As TV production technologies continued to emerge, TV updates and faster. So the future competition of China color TV industry where?

  Skyworth Group China's regional marketing director of human resources JISHA Tibetan village, said yesterday that the color TV industry in the future will be done in 3D TV and intelligent TV competition. In his view, intelligent television and 3D television in the next three years will remain 50% growth rate by 2014 smart TV expected to be the family standard. At the same time, listed a number of television before the national day will also be promoted. "At present, intelligent television and 3D television market share has reached 30%. "JISHA Tibetan village said.

  However, home electrical appliance industry observer Liang Zhen-Peng said China color TV industry has entered a misunderstanding--increasingly deviated from the essential attribute of the color TV industry. In his view, the nature of television property is used to "see", not to "play". Chinese TV manufacturers struggle "play" concept, hope IT products such as televisions and computers, cell phones with cloud competition network application amounts to wealth.

  Liang Zhen-Peng said, the concept of marketing could not save China color TV industry, returning TV hardware products developed only by relying on technological nature, enhance the effect of TV audio-visual experience, is what the color TV industry really way out.
Noun explanation
  LCD TV or LCD TV, according to the different backlight system, divided into CCFL Backlight LCD TVs (CCFL TVs for short) and LED backlight for LCD TVs (LED TV for short). Backlight lamp of the former, which use light-emitting diodes. Light emitting diodes than longer lamp life and more frivolous displayed colors are more vibrant. From the use of perspective, than CCFL TVs LED energy-saving around 30%.
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