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Chen Yansheng: semiconductor lighting changes and new trends in the new

Enlarge font  Decrease font Publish date:2010-11-23   Source:liang360   Scan times:402

After years of development, in terms of semiconductor lighting technology or the market have made great progress, this backdrop, how to face the semiconductor lighting changes and trends, what strategy should be taken the next step is the industry's need for reflection and concern. Seventh China Solid State Lighting exhibition and Forum held during the China Association of Lighting Chen Yansheng changes to current semiconductor lighting, trends and other issues in the media accepted the joint interview.
First, the traditional lighting companies in transition to the semiconductor lighting is the trend, the future will be even more intense competition

Reporter: a member of China Association of Lighting lighting system many companies, may I ask how many enterprises are now also switch to led, business situation?

Chen Yansheng: Currently, to do the traditional lighting companies, who are strong, are doing LED lighting. Strength of enterprises, and some have developed products on the market, and some ongoing research and development. Smaller scale, the strength almost of the business, doing a lot of LED products in the planning, preparation. It should be said as long as the lighting industry for long been engaged in the development of manufacturing enterprises are now involved in this fundamental area. Estimated number of hundreds more.

Reporter: What do you think the field of semiconductor light penetration to the trend of traditional lighting, traditional lighting companies how to deal with the competitive semiconductor lighting?

Chen Yansheng: Many LED lighting business into the area, I think it is a good thing. Traditional lighting companies are synchronized transition, in the production of traditional Lighting products at the same time also started to produce LED lighting products. Eventually the market will form the semiconductor lighting company fair competition. Lighting is also in the foreseeable future will be more intense competition in the market.

Second, the interior lighting of concern, the luminous efficiency is not the only indicators of concern

Reporter: From the point of view this year's Forum event, what do you think the new trend in semiconductor lighting changes or new?

Chen Yansheng: Whether or show from the Forum can be seen, compared with last year, many LED Lighting applications to do business, began to pay more attention to interior lighting. The past, many companies concerned about the LED lights, this year many enterprises in the development of indoor lighting products, while focusing on market analysis of indoor lighting products for different market segments, different application areas, development of different products, but also some analysis of future potential market for indoor lighting It should be said to be a step forward.

Reporter: LED interior lighting is more concerned, do you think this field should be most concerned about indicators?

Chen Yansheng: lighting products from the indicators of concern is, we can see progress. Indicators we are concerned about the first two years is basically light efficiency, namely: lumens per watt. Gradually we now have a better understanding of lighting, pay more attention to color, reliability, longevity and other indicators. There are many lighting requirements, not only the light lumens per watt efficiency target, but also have different requirements for different occasions. At the same time a lot of lighting standards, companies face the market in product development, first the full knowledge and understanding of product areas where the existing standards in order to make the product.

Reporter: indoor lighting is optimistic about the industry, do you think the LED enterprises, how to enter the room lighting? Which products can be started first?

Chen Yansheng: lighting products can be said to be everywhere, both the application of the general public, there are specialized applications, such as aircraft applications, lamps and other civilian ship application, each enterprise has its own face in the market, familiar with the area, also has its own market determine the future and how to cut into the need to combine the advantages of their own to determine.

Indoor lighting products from the point of view, the current application is the more alternative products, such as Bulb. Followed by the Spotlight, there is a down light, lighting, relatively strong position, more suitable for LED, the amount of these types of products are currently more.

Third, marketing needs to a clear position

Reporter: At present, many places are now ready to build a number of LED procurement centers, a little like shopping malls, do you think about this phenomenon?

Chen Yansheng: As far as I understand it, the procurement centers are basically B2C, in fact, enterprises have to face the market, the applications will have to face the end user. Procurement centers largely depend on the market, market size, the more mature, I think the more meaningful procurement centers. Now the market is not big enough scale, it is not mature enough, but some market participants might also be one step ahead, but the market has a gradually formed, and gradually expand the scale of the process, not the same position in each market, in the face of the target customers not the same, I think it should be treated differently, to have its own position.

Overall, the lighting products market, customers do not face the same, I think we should face the market, companies have market demand products. Professional market there are many professional customers, if a similar way with the mass marketing of consumer goods is not necessary, but also a waste of resources. Professional practice of the professional market, at present, every business has different practices, or channel, or agents.

Fourth, the semiconductor lighting industry needs more investment in science, reduce blindness

Q: A recent hot topic of the industry is whether the overheated investment in the semiconductor lighting industry, which do you think?

Chen Yansheng: hot or not current industry eyes of the beholder. This point of view, many companies are slowly in-depth understanding of lighting, blindness is also reduced. Now a lot of investment from private capital, such capital willing to invest in promising industries for production enterprises, investors should seriously understand, analyze the market, future trends, to conduct scientific and rational analysis, increase scientific reduce blindness. Investment will generate benefits but also the inevitable risks, how to minimize risk, so that greater efficiency investments, as investors should consider. I also hope that industry will be less hot conditions.

In addition, the investment fever is difficult to understand with good and bad. I think the need to see investment purposes, not bought land, built a factory to buy the Equipment can produce high quality products. And plant and equipment investment compared to other hardware, industry is now more need for human resources, technology and other soft investment, industrial development requires a corresponding high level of personnel Support. You can see, some large foreign company has a huge R & D team is very focused research and development. In comparison, China in the research, development, personnel training and other soft power building, investment is not enough, here I also appeal to more discerning investors to invest in research and development areas, reduce our the gap between the international advanced level.

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