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Shilan Ming Jiang Zhongyong core: the next two years, LED backlight is still promoting the developme

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In led industry, Chip technology has been the people of the Mishap. In the field of LED display chip, the core exclusive half Shilan Ming, the Chinese LED chip industry has a well-deserved right to speak. Recently, the Chinese LED Network reporter honor core Shilan Ming, General Manager Mr. Jiang Zhongyong dialogue with us to discuss the LED chip industries, especially the LED display the status and development, and LED lighting of the road. The following is an interview with Record:

China LED Net: We understand Shilan Ming-core is now focusing on high-brightness LED chip deSign and manufacturing, may I ask what your company has products to us about?
Jiang Zhongyong: Shilan Ming core since its inception in September 2004, they entered the capital investment and technical requirements are very high in the core areas of MOCVD process technology development. Products covered by epitaxial growth and high-brightness blue, green and red chips. Products are mainly used for display, landscape lighting, general lighting. At present, Ming-core blue, green chip product quality, reliability and other indicators have reached international advanced level.

China LED Net: eight national standard after the introduction of the domestic LED chip market is still a mess, hard to find a good core, but a dollar is a lot of the poor quality of the chip market is flooded. As one of the leading LED chip, Shilan Ming-core chip, how to see the present market conditions, will be what kind of measures?
Jiang Zhongyong: The current stage of rapid development in the LED industry, the phenomenon appeared nervous chip supplier, but with the expansion of domestic enterprises have, the output of the chip will appear next growth spurt, chip prices will follow the whereabouts of poor chip With the LED market will gradually disappear major reshuffle, eventually only the excellent quality and reasonable price of chips to be invincible. I will uphold prudent investment has been an active expansion strategy, quality first, the initiative for the market.

China LED Net: We know that LED chips belong to the upstream end of the link, the requirements for capital and technology is very high, tell us about your current situation?
Jiang Zhongyong: one for the better in the LED industry background, I also in a good momentum of development. In order to consolidate and expand the LED chip companies in the country's leadership position in the high-end, on the one hand increase the development of LED chip manufacturing investment, while actively cut downstream packaging business. 2009 established the Optical Co., Ltd. Hangzhou U.S. Kale, improve product service chain, currently the U.S. card products in terms of music the light pattern, attenuation and other parameters are up to international level.

China LED Net: Current LED display LED display customized production is still the main production and sales model. Shilan Ming core LED display in more than 50% market share, Jiang Can you describe to us the advantage in the LED display, a large number of high-quality chips and some cheap products on the market to maintain its share?
Jiang Zhongyong: good sales performance is the fundamental reason behind the excellent quality products. Our company produces LED display chip, the wavelength has a good consistency, a high resistance to ESD (electrostatic discharge) shocks, the stable quality and good after-sales service system, and access to the customer's unanimous approval. This is the core Shilan Ming the best guarantee of market share.

China LED Net: We believe that the huge market to stimulate technological breakthroughs. To your view, China's LED lighting to market maturity?
Jiang Zhongyong: The current development of LED backlight applications still rely on the promotion, and LED backlighting market over the next two to three years, the capacity remains high. At the same time the future application of LED lighting in the area will expand to the next round will be the lighting should be used to promote industrial development. LED Lighting applications, but is a cross-industry applications, there is still light use efficiency, and lighting color and quality of life issues to be resolved, so the LED lighting market in China is still at immature stage.

China LED Net: Could the last Jiang disclose Shilan Ming core to our current production capacity and plans for the near future?
Jiang Zhongyong: Currently our chip production capacity has reached 550KK / month, the end of 2011 is expected to expand production capacity to 1300KK. Steady increase in production capacity, based on accelerating new product development, for the subsequent development of the company's reserve force.

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