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How to successfully applied to the LED technology in vehicle headlights to

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Lighting system on the car so that drivers can not only understand the vehicle's actual condition, but also provides a safe driving course, the conditions that must be both. The new generation of light LED, which is not new to many consumers, has further expanded used car, and the face in the performance of each application according to the different needs, choose the appropriate LED products. Basically, the LED light source in addition to the traditional differences in shape, the shape and performance of light output is also very different, therefore, to improve the application of LED headlamps in the car, including optical deSign and thermal design, etc. will be designed with the traditional concept of automotive lighting is different. LED car and successfully integrate into all new car manufacturers design principles.
Automotive light sources in the lighting field occupies a pivotal position, with its output accounting for about 10% of the total output of about lighting. If a car changed all the lighting LED, out of about 400 to 600 required LED. In fact, as early as 10 years ago, LED on the scaled journey into the automotive field. Currently, LED lighting inside and outside the vehicle has exceeded the proportion of 80%.

LED light source, as there are still objections to car headlights

Thus, the main control system to control vehicle must be in accordance with the needs of different power light source designs. Another angle, from the application of LED in the car, although the LED third brake light in the application to the automobile taillights, turn signals to the brake lights, step by step to create the LED lighting as a vehicle for use both inside and outside.

2010 Beijing Auto Show, BMW unveiled a concept four-door sports car called the GranCoupe. GranCoupe night at the BMW design deliberately creating an atmosphere of coming out, the visual focus of the natural shape of the sharp fall of its LED headlights. More than BMW, Mercedes-Benz, audi, lexus also introduced a variety of models equipped with LED headlights. Released from the Audi R8 first use of LED headlights have been more than 2 years, known as the 4th generation of the LED is automotive lighting, emerging high-end models.

In the standard LED headlamp LexusRX450h forum, is hot RX450h of LED headlamps. "Even if the car hit the front bumper tone, the tangent is also very light blue under the light type, with the corner of my headlights is better than it recognizable." Netizens such a description of Lu Yu RX450h LED headlamp practical results. The owners rejected another RX450h Road, "as long as the open RX450h owners must be very clear, LED headlights bright, very focused, though not very bright side looks like. LED than HID light source even focus, in particular the traffic light to stop According to the car in front bumper along the very bright, very bright open mountain is safe. "The owner of the original double-B fans (BMW, Benz), since a big difference on the Lexus.

To compare the performance of LED headlamps and HID, recruited two more hearts softened factory equipped with HID headlights and LED models tested in the evening at 17:30. 20m away from the concrete wall outside the test results show, LED headlight brighter than the HID, but a little more back than HID headlights LED on the.

Consumption per unit of electricity generated LED light output is indeed higher than incandescent, but to more than a single LED, LED light output edge is not so impressive. In order to obtain sufficient brightness, LED modules to be used the way lighting. "A LED module failed to function for the low beam to provide sufficient light. Therefore, you have to almost light beam for each function using multiple LED modules." PaulDecloedt that since the application of automotive headlights is a beam, each an LED module requires an optical component (lens or mirror). "This is the LED beam light and high beam prices remain a major cause of expensive." Furthermore, the characteristics of LED lighting has also led to the modular vehicle regulations is difficult to define LED headlamp with multiple module for damage.

LED heat problem solving is the key to the future development of

As the input power LED conversion of about 90% of the heat must be discharged than traditional light sources that come in many high; In addition, LED die are classified in the semiconductor material, not high temperature (<120 ° C), by the heat the grain to the atmosphere allowing only about 50 ° C temperature, is much lower than traditional light Bulbs, therefore, thermal design is the LED light source different from the traditional one of the subjects, coupled with the lighting can not use fan cooling, and lighting products to the automotive market to be able to promote universal access, have to further take into account the optical appearance and lighting design principles, it will be extremely high power LED lighting problems problems.

Strictly speaking, the traditional uses heat generated by lamps in fact much higher than the LED; However, the traditional lighting will not heat and reduce the light output capacity, but, LED light output is the problem because the interface itself, so that LED's luminous efficiency affected. While the heat generated to dissipate to the external environment is closely related to its package of structural materials, involves the use of heat-related materials and appearance. The concept of thermal resistance which represents the input W power, the need to increase the number of K before the temperature enough to heat. The existing LED packaging technology allows a maximum operating in 185 ℃ (LumiledK2), but generally because of the relationship between packaging adhesive material that allows the operating temperature is about 125 ℃, in addition to considering the efficiency of light output, the package must also be considered deterioration of plastic material, such as a resin coating material in the LED crystal, if prone to high temperature aging.

There are vendors to develop a "thermal average temperature superconducting technology," LED can be carried out together by the heat generated by the effect of thermal dispersion; that is, when the LED lamps plus or minus 1 degree difference in temperature between the range, then using forced cooling technology, the use of dust-covered lamp designed by the semi-open air space for ventilation of the action, that is, allow air convection, heat transfer can achieve the effect. And this concept of development as the human body as heat, in addition to heat by the skin, but also by the first two spaces of the lung to be forced to breathe heat.

Today, LED although there are many problems to be solved, but the LED has been applied to high-end cars (sports cars) and is an indisputable fact. How to reduce the cost of the LED, spread smoothly, but also depends on the solution

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