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Yuan Zongnan: Shanghai World Expo Taiwan Pavilion Design and application of LED lighting

Enlarge font  Decrease font Publish date:2010-11-24   Source:liang360   Scan times:214

China's semiconductor lighting network in the October 16 hearing held in Shenzhen, "the Seventh China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum (CHINASSL2010) ·" lighting and innovative applications Branch ", the Yuanzong Nan Yuan Zongnan lighting deSign firm to design director of Shanghai World Expo Museum LED Lighting Taiwan design, for example, describes the trend of LED lighting design.

Yuanzong Nan said that in the lighting design, in response to the trend of carbon reduction, Energy saving, high luminous efficiency, environmental protection, long life lighting has become the most important demands outside. The LED light source as with the above conditions, and to become today one of the most popular light source, but the LED still has many defects, such as higher prices, lower color rendering, high-power cooling problem, a small single brightness and so on. So for lighting design, how to make proper use of LED lighting features to play ultimate, used in combination with other appropriate light source is a very important issue. Lighting is not a "bright" like, but by thinking about how different cases in the most appropriate place to use the most suitable lighting, and consider how the carbon in the energy-saving, budget and the final effect of demand on the balance.

Taiwan's participation in World Expo in the current example, the Yuan Zongnan introduce lighting design is to make Taiwan Pavilion at night with the day has a different facial expression, and continued the day of the construction image to match architectural design theme of "mountains, water, heart, light "as the main for the mountains, water, heart, light some Jieyou dwell. To look forward to the appearance of the lighting of the seven content and the content within the exhibition "Landscape theater, lighting the water table, the heart of Taiwan, the Taiwan of the window, mind theater, urban theme Plaza, City Art Gallery" echo of Taiwanese culture. Look forward to the night of the Taiwan Pavilion more temperament and tolerance. For example, in day light appearance of the part in the day some of the LED lamp base side of the linear projection lamp, LED 3W * 18pcs 50 ° * 10 ° 3700K ~ 4500K to wash the upper edge of the base part of the light, bring out the heavy steady base sense, but also to the top of sky lanterns at night, "the heart of Taiwan," LED lights below the screen was not subject to influence, as for communication with the architect after the particular form of the light cast by the light to change the ground to the top of the trench. In this way not only to visit the crowds will not produce glare, light maintenance and will also be taken into account the security, the concept is also more people show no safety concerns. The metal surface also suggested for the hair surface or matte metal wire in order to be able to effect a more complete light show.

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