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Application of high-power LED lighting industry in the Quest

Enlarge font  Decrease font Publish date:2010-11-24   Source:liang360   Scan times:191

1, LED color problem
The application of a single LED, basically there is no color, but if put into use with a large number of LED or a light at the same time with multiple LED, the color will highlight the issue here. Say a group of lamps, the color of the light to see if an inconsistency, I think they want to make a happy mood discount. Although the same as the LUXEON LED according to the color temperature will be divided into eight military and military-right points in each of several quarters, to a certain extent, a wide range of color for the control, but with the same color area, there are still a number of different LED , and this difference is still not escape the eye of provocation.

2, LED Insulation

(Mentioned here refers to heat insulation on the LED substrate in terms of positive and negative) can not say that we are the first LED in the insulation problem, but at least the big manufacturers are surprised to our question. Up to now to the fundamental problem is not resolved, only to make up for measures to deal with insulation such as aluminum substrate (aluminum plate does not do the original insulation, almost done now) may find incomprehensible. Insulation single LED does not affect the small, many stars have a problem in series.

3, LED anti-pulse problem

The problem with the vendor remains controversial, in my practice do exist, the main reaction in the cold pulse, ie, power transient, a small number of cold power-on LED on the moment of the breakdown or disconnected. I think not caused by static electricity or high voltage (power voltage range).

4, LED emitting angle of the problem

Because each LED lens manufacturers package different point of view, even in the same light (nominal point), the effect is not the same, making the difficult choice of polymer mask, is still to not be universal.

5, LED potential risks of blindness

LED light point brightness is too focused on making super center, it is easy to hurt people's eyes, although some lighting manufacturers make efforts in this regard, but because of regulatory lag, can only be man's moral issues.

6, LED heat problem

In theory, LED not very hot, but because of the immaturity of current technology, LED heat Yishi we all know, I do not want to say.

7, LED low efficiency (luminous efficiency)

Electrical conversion efficiency of the current LED is too low (due to no test Equipment, can not give a specific data).

8, LED brightness is insufficient

Brightness is insufficient, making the current in the LED lighting industry can only serve in a Supporting role, mainly for decoration.

9, LED light failure and life

Currently produced by the Mainland or Taiwanese life LED light failure and a more serious problem, the first not more than that, the big manufacturers such as LUXEON nominal 10 million hours, I am afraid that only they know their own psychology, plus cooling solution is good or bad, the drive's match may affect the LED's light fades, and life, so 10 million hours and the only one selling point!

10, LED drive power problems

At present most of the drive lines are borrowed from the switching power supply comes, of course, there is a very small number of lines devoted to LED driver, but the effect is almost the same as the DC-driven LED need to take constant current control, making the drive line is enormous, not compared with electronic transformers, and efficiency is relatively low, reaching 80% is not bad (single has not yet reached). In addition, manufacturers in pursuit of fitness, claiming that a drive can be easily connected with a dozen pieces (one, two ,。..。. can be), in fact, this is a misunderstanding, although the constant-current, high starting LED threshold voltage often be fatal in an instant.

11, LED shape constrained

Because the characteristics of LED light side, making the shape of LED lamps are subject to certain restrictions.

12, LED price is too high

One of imports 1W-3W LED have to make three dollars or so, made in China have more than 10 pieces (of poor quality, no intellectual property rights) about a six LED lighting around the hands of consumers to sell almost 1,000 yuan RMB , do you want to buy TV or buy lamps.

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