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Chinese enterprises and foreign differences LED packaging technology

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First, an overview of the overall LED industry chain is divided into upper, middle and lower reaches, respectively, epitaxial silicon LED, LED packaging and LED applications. As the LED industry chain in the nexus of the LED package, unparalleled throughout the industry chain plays an important role. LED devices based on various types of applications, extensive use of LED devices, such as a large LED display, LED backlight LCD display, LED lighting, LED traffic lights and automobile lights, LED devices in the application of the total cost of the product accounted for 40% to 70%, and the performance of LED application products are often more than 70% determined by the performance of LED devices.
China is a big country LED package, it is estimated that 80% of the world the number of LED devices packaged concentrated in China, distributed in various types of American, Taiwanese, Hong Kong-owned, domestic packaging companies.

In the past five years, foreign companies continue to move into mainland China LED packaging, domestic packaging companies continue to grow and develop, technology continues to mature and innovation. LED device packaging in the field of low-end, the Chinese LED packaging companies in the market share of high-end LED devices in the packaging field, some Chinese enterprises have great breakthrough. As technology continues to mature and the accumulation of brand reputation, China LED packaging companies in China will in the LED application large country to play an important and leading role.

The following LED packaging industry from all aspects of the chain to address these differences.

Second, differences in packaging production and testing Equipment

LED packaging production equipment including the major solid crystal, wire bonders, mold and machine, color separation machine, dispenser, intelligent oven. Five years ago, LED automatic packaging equipment is basically dominated by foreign brands, mainly from Europe and Taiwan, and China is only a small amount of semi-solid crystal, wire equipment supply. In the past five years, China's LED production equipment industry has made great progress, and now automatic solid crystal machine, automatic sealing plastic machine, color separation, automatic dispenser, intelligent oven are factory supply, with good price.

LED IS standards, including the major test equipment, Photoelectric Tester, TG point tester, tester integrating sphere lumen, the phosphor tester and thermal shock, high temperature and humidity so the reliability of test equipment. In addition to the standard instrument mainly from Germany and the United States, other equipment manufacturers now have a domestic supply.

LED packaging company in China, at the forefront of the LED package size enterprises are the world's most advanced packaging equipment, which is the advantage of the decision. On the hardware level, the Chinese enterprises above deSignated size of the LED package is the world's most advanced. Of course, some higher level of test and analysis equipment to be further equipped.

Therefore, China has been in the packaging equipment, a world leader in the hardware level, with advanced packaging technology and process development.

Third, LED Chip difference

Mainland China's LED chip companies are about ten or so, a late start, the scale is not big enough, the largest LED chip companies annual output of about 3 billion yuan, an average annual output value every 1 to 2 million.

This year LED chip companies in mainland China develops fast, technology level soon, small and medium size chip (referring to 15mil or less) has been able to basically meet the domestic demand for packaging companies, large-size chip (referring to the power-type W-on-chip) need to import, mainly from the United States and Taiwan companies, but only in the large-size LED chips before entering high volume general Lighting applications.

LED package device performance depends on the extent of 50% of LED chips, LED chips, core indicators, including brightness, wavelength, failure rate, anti-static capabilities, attenuation. At present, small and medium size enterprises LED chip package used mostly domestic brands, the domestic brands of chips smaller performance gap with foreign brands, with a good price, most LED applications and meet the needs of enterprises. In particular, the performance of the brand is part of the chip has a considerable foreign brands, through the co-encapsulation technology has been able to meet the needs of many high-end applications.

Fourth, differences in packaging aids

Package Support materials including stents, gold, epoxy resin, silicone, mold strips. Auxiliary materials are comprehensive performance LED devices is an important foundation, auxiliary materials, LED devices can determine good or bad failure rate, attenuation rate, optical properties, and energy consumption.

Mainland China package supporting material supply chain is better, most of the materials produced in mainland China has been able to supply. But the high-performance epoxy resin and silicone to import the majority, the main requirements of these two types of materials, high temperature, UV, excellent and well-expansion coefficient of the refractive index.

With the global integration process, China's LED packaging companies have been able to apply to the world's newest and best package supporting material.

Fifth, differences in package design

LED in the package are scaffolding LED, SMD-type LED and power type LED three main categories.

LED package design, including shape design, thermal design, optics design, materials matching design, parameter design.

LED has been designed scaffolding relatively mature, mainly in the decay lifetime, optical matching, and so the failure rate can be further up the steps.

SMD LED design, especially at the top of SMD LED TOP constantly evolving type, package size bracket, package design, material selection, optical design, thermal design, innovation, technology has broad potential.

The design of power type LED is a new world. Large-size type as the power is still evolving chip manufacturing, making the structure of power type LED, optical, materials, design parameters are under development, there have been new design appears.

China LED package design is based in foreign countries and Taiwan have been based on the design of improvements and innovation. Designed to rely on a good computer design tools, good reliability and good test equipment test equipment and more to be based on advanced design ideas and product savvy. China's current level of LED package design with foreign industry giants also have a certain gap, which also lack the scale of China's LED industry leading enterprises related to the lack of organized and planned the scale of R & D investment.

Six different packaging process

LED packaging technology is also a very important part. For example, the amount of plastic solid crystal control, wire machine wire temperature and pressure, the oven temperature, time and temperature curve, sealed plastic bubble and card position control, etc., are all key process control points. Even good quality chips, DPM match is good, excellent design, equipment, high precision, if it is not correct or control process strictly, it will ultimately affect the reliability of LED, attenuation, optical properties.

With the LED packaging company's rapid development in recent years, LED packaging technology has risen to a better level, in particular some high-demand such as a large LED display, wide color gamut LCD backlight, China LED excellent package companies have been able to meet their needs, advanced packaging technology has been produced by the LED close to the international level of similar products.

VII, LED device performance difference

LED device performance mainly in the following six areas:

① or lumens brightness; ② lumen; ③ failure rate; ④ luminous efficiency; ⑤ consistency; ⑥ Optical Distribution

2, light failure

General research view, the light fades little correlation with the chip, packaging materials and processes associated with the greatest degree. Failure of the packaging materials of light are solid crystal base plastic, fluorescent plastic, rubber and other foreign letters, light decay of the packaging process of the main baking temperature of each process and time and materials matching.

Currently, LED packaging process after years of development and accumulation, has a good foundation, in the light fades on the control of some products has been with foreign rivals.

3, the failure rate

Loss of efficiency and chip quality, packaging auxiliary materials, production technology, design and management level related.

LED failure mainly as dead lights, light failure is too large, too large wavelength or color temperature drift and so on. LED devices based on requirements of different uses, the failure rate has different requirements. For example, use LED lights for 1000PPM (3000 hours); lighting uses LED as 500PPM (3000 hours); color display uses LED to 50PPM (3000 hours).

Packaging enterprises in China's overall level of LED failure rate to be improved. Fortunately, a small amount of good packaging enterprises in China has reached world-class failure.

4, the luminous efficiency

90% LED luminous efficiency luminous efficiency depends on the chip. China LED packaging companies packaging part of the optical effect of improved technology is also a large number.

If China's large-size tile SoC R & D breakthroughs and mass production, will greatly promote the power type package devices to improve light efficiency.

5, consistency

Consistency, including consistency of LED wavelength, brightness uniformity, color temperature consistency, consistency decay.

Consistency can be achieved through the first three feeding machine process control and color separation filter to achieve. The first three levels, the Chinese and foreign the same LED packaging technology.

Point of consistency is often difficult sorting out to be by optimizing designs and materials to the mechanical precision control, strict control of production process to achieve. For example, LED full color display uses the red, green, and blue oval LED control point of consistency is very important and decisive impact on full-color LED display color quality to become a high-end technology LED devices.

Attenuation consistent also with the material control and process control related, including the attenuation of different color LED LED color consistency and the attenuation of the same consistency.

Consistency of LED packaging technology is an important issue.

LED packaging company in China some consistency in the LED technology has been with international practice.

6, optical distribution

LED is a light-emitting device. For many uses for LED applications, LED light-shaped distribution is an important indicator to determine the second optical applications, the design of foundation, but also a direct impact on the visual effect of LED application products.

For example, LED outdoor display uses LED oval lens design can make the display brightness changes in the angles change smoothly and have a greater perspective, in line with the human visual habits. Another example, LED lamps optical requirements, making the LED lights a secondary optical design and optical design must match the best spot and best road luminous efficiency.

Through computer simulation software for optical design and development is a common means. LED packaging companies active in China to catch up with foreign technology gap is narrowing.

VIII Conclusion

With China as the world's LED packaging big country, China's LED packaging technology in the rapid development and progress, and the world's leading packaging technology gap is narrower, and the local products are beyond.

We need to intensify research in the field of LED packaging technology R & D investment, business and government should pay attention to. In fact, we Chinese LED packaging technology gap with foreign countries, mainly in R & D investment gap. As China's growth, we believe that China will become a power LED package.

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