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Dongguan Yanhe Electronics Co., Ltd established in 2009 in Shijie Town of Dongguan City, specializes in the design and manufacturing of a broad range of transformers, inductors, and coils. With more than 170 people working for us, our products are exported to European and American market at a fast speed. Our customers including GE, Philips, Eden, Tamura,Cisco…
Over the years, Yanhe has established a reputation for providing the latest in magnetics designs, consistent high quality products, and outstanding customer service and short response times.
Our unique structure provides many advantages to our customers:
With the capacity to make bobbins and open bobbin tool by ourselves, we can help to decrease the bobbin cost and shorten the bobbin lead time and therefore shorten the lead time for transformers.
All of our facilities are equipped with the latest automated production equipment and industry standard test and measurement equipment. Each facility is ISO certified.
With our ma... [Detailed Introduction]
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