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integrating sphere, optical analysis

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 Mulansphere Co.,Ltd. has majored in the production and development of the integrating sphere for more than ten years. Our products are widely used in many areas like optical analysis,testing of lighting electric equipment,LED industry, Chemistry, Environmental and so on. We have already Occupied the mid-range and low-range market of the integrating sphere in the domestic. Now we are the largest supplier in the domestic.Our customers :Everfine Co.,Ltd.,Sensing Co.,Ltd.Hangzhou Zhongwei Photoelectricity Co., Ltd., Hangzhou lingcai Co.,Ltd.,Sinopol Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and so on.Our Company was established in 1998. We have a very good group ,these people have innovative thinkings and a wealth of knowledge. Depends on the studies of the Foreign products,we have successfully exploited the more Convenient and more Reliable products.In the future,we will take efford to join into the high-range market of the integrating sphere. [Detailed Introduction]
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