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  • BrandsNameAGL
  • Official Homepage:Vacancy
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  • Update time:2020-04-22

U.S. Green Light (AGL) International Group, a global nutrition and health food company's production base is located in California, the company is headquartered in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Avenue. AGL is a nutritious food and microelectronics industry, the two major international well-known technology companies, with the most advanced biological, electronic two Technology Building and a large number of scientific research, Dr., experts, and for years has been committed to R & D Science and Nutrition High-tech, high-quality natural green food, and gradually grew stronger and created a healthy industry for sustainable development! AGL nutritional products "KINGSCOM" (Jin Shikang) in strict accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to develop a "high-quality production standards"(GMP) production, and has the most advanced automatic production lines. Inspection and quarantine by the raw materials, extraction, production, semi-finished products testing, packaging, product testing throughout the entire process of using computer monitoring to ensure product quality and effective health and natural materials are not damaged and loss of nutrients; production plant to 300,000 sterile level; , The production staff by spray cleaning - changing - Disinfection - Secondary dressing - UV disinfection of the depth of strict procedures for disinfecting; production is pure water purified by distillation. Ensure that each particle has reached more than the strict GMP standards! "Jin Shikang" rooted in the United States, growing and expanding in Europe, the United States, after the investment in Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian markets, popular since more and more Asians to the respected and popular, is a grand landing in China market. Shenzhen Green Light Technology Co., Ltd. is the United States Green Light (AGL) International Group, the general agent in China, responsible for Jin Shikang "Kings Com" and other brand promotion in China. Shenzhen Green Light has been adhering to the U.S. company (AGL) the purpose and concept of high standards and strict requirements check each product quality and marketing chain, to ensure the best quality and best service! Companies in "good faith"business principles, "Health in China"ideal, dedicated to the general consumer services.

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