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Guangzhou tower owners of units less than an hour, said the cost of thousands of night lighting

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DeSigners in the eyes of the tower in Guangzhou

"Guangzhou Tower colorful lighting effects and rhythm" than I started to imagine a more vibrant and dynamic ", full of" Lingnan as elegant and graceful girl, "the core design concepts, will the next 10 years, 20 years to inspire young designers. "

- Guangzhou Tower Architects, IBA Architects partner Mark Haimer

"Guangzhou tower is better than the Eiffel Tower, this will be a new sign of the times."

- Guangzhou tower designer ARUP Joop Paul

Bright Guangzhou tower, behind which actually bears little-known advanced technology? Lighting in urban planning becoming more and more prominent in many countries, the city lights has become known as the "night of new scales" reputation, as a measure of "livable city" in the new scale.

Last weekend, a reporter from Guangzhou tower lighting solutions, led the whole partner Philips learned hosted a forum in Guangzhou China Outdoor LED tower is a landmark flood Lighting applications, the latest LED Chip technology will not only allow the tower in Guangzhou showing a one million colors of infinite changes, but also to a large-scale landscape lighting that greatly reduce the operating costs, a rough estimate, one-hour power consumption less than 1,000 yuan, energy-saving than traditional lighting solutions more than doubled.

Creative fusion of top designers

Known as "slender waistline," said the Guangzhou tower up to 600 meters, is the world's highest free-standing tower, the project will be launched at the beginning of great concern to all parties.

Last weekend, including Guangzhou tower architects, lighting designers, the overall LED lighting solutions partners, and Guangzhou, and other tower owners of units of a crowd gathered in the newly completed tower in Guangzhou, the media showed the "waistline" story behind the .

Changsha, Guangzhou, tower lighting designer is the designer section of Yan Frequency Planning and Design Institute revealed that in four years during the preparatory process, the Guangzhou Tower ways to use what kind of lighting to reflect the Lingnan culture and flavor of the times is the "very painful and difficult" The ultimate solution combines a national and even world's top designers guide, "is the crystallization of collective wisdom, has been standing in the world's leading technology position."

This reporter learned that LED lighting tower in Guangzhou the most significant feature is the use of the LED floodlight tactic lamps installed in the column back lit cylinder to form a silhouette effect, while taking advantage of the varied features LED highlights the dynamic lines of the tower in Guangzhou. Means of LED Lighting products, color and overall system control high requirements put forward, or else a lot of gaudy color easily produce a sense of respect to the greatest extent architectural design.

Lighting energy consumption is only 500 kW

"Guangzhou Tower vivid bright colors and effects from more than 6,000 sets of LED lighting, almost nearly 330,000 particles of pure LED, the whole building lighting energy consumption is only 500 kilowatts," Greater China general manager of Philips Lighting Lin Liangqi said, "If the traditional lighting can not speak of features or manufacturing such a good effect on the light power will be present for more than double."

In addition, the design and use of LED directional light distribution characteristics of strong to be strictly controlled to reduce the light spilling of light pollution.

The actual use of the process is really achieve the desired effect?

Owners of units - general manager of Guangzhou New TV Tower Construction Co., Ltd. Liang Shuo pointed out that the tower in Guangzhou began more than a year from the commissioning of the time, LED allowed to feel the personal experience, in addition to one million of the color changes and the greatly improved life outside Energy saving is the most obvious, "such a large-scale landscape lighting, high operating costs, but now an hour of rough counted less than 1,000 yuan, with such a large landscape lighting for a very low cost. "

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