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Songshan Lake high-tech park in Taiwan that ushered in the park opened the largest investment projec

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The morning of November 21, held in Dongguan Songshan Lake park opened in Taiwan Hi-Tech Park wins the launching ceremony cum together. CPC Central Committee, Party Secretary Wang Yang, Provincial Standing Committee, the Secretary-General Xu Shaohua, Liu Kun, vice governor of Guangdong Province, the Taiwan Affairs Office Xu Mang, Secretary for Economic Services, Dongguan Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress of Guangdong Province and director of Liu Zhigeng government adviser, Taiwan Vice Chairman John Hsuan, UMC Group, and other honors leaders and guests attended the event.
Held in conjunction with the opening ceremony along with a total investment of over a hundred billion initial investment of 3.7 billion LCD Co., Ltd. Dongguan Lian-Sheng launch projects and investments of about 60 billion Lei Chau Technology Co., Ltd. of Taiwan led large projects Signed ceremony. After the event, Wang Yang at the Hyatt hotel consultant met with John Hsuan high-tech enterprises in Taiwan, led the third batch of the delegation's visit to Dongguan.
Wang Yang advocated the establishment of the park construction speed access praised
Songshan Lake High-Tech Park in Taiwan is the Party Secretary Wang Yang in June last year, met with the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Taiwan delegation's visit to promote the establishment of Dongguan, Dongguan city government adviser Song Tao from the guidance of construction is for the Taiwan High-tech Zone, Dongguan Songshan Lake high-end theme park industry projects, focusing on the introduction of high-end part of the electronic information industry in Taiwan, including IC design, the new panel, LED and other related industries leading enterprises and R & D platforms, and new energy, new materials and other emerging industries. Wang Yang on the Songshan Lake High-Tech Park of Taiwan high hopes last October, he met with the second batch of high-tech enterprises in Taiwan delegation visiting Dongguan, Dongguan City, expressed the hope that actively create conditions for entrepreneurs to work together with Taiwan, the Songshan Lake Taiwan playing a high-tech park industrial restructuring demonstration park.
Songshan Lake Park is located in Taiwan's high-tech industrial park east of Songshan Lake Science and Technology, planning area of ​​nearly 6.8 square kilometers, is divided into advanced IT manufacturing and LED optoelectronics area, large wafer and panel manufacturing area, the three functional areas and Supporting R & D Area . In addition to road construction, site preparation, the water, electricity, gas, telecommunications and other projects are completed simultaneously, to meet all kinds of high-tech R & D and production needs. Since the end of October 2009 started construction in June of this year, full completion of the major municipal infrastructure, takes less than 8 months, setting a speed of Songshan Lake, won the company praise. First admission LCD Co., Ltd. Dongguan Lian-Sheng, Chairman Mr. Huang Xianxiong site visit was very satisfied with the project site, praised the Park "construction efficiency should be first in the world."
Lian-Sheng Investment will invest ten billion dollars of total coded
Dongguan Lian-Sheng LCD Wintek project investment from Taiwan, is the world's leading manufacturers of small and medium size panel maker, is headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan Export Processing Zone, about 25,000 employees worldwide. The company has more than 600 patents worldwide, more than 1000 patents pending authorization. Song Tao by the Dongguan government matchmaking consultants and direct promotion Wintek Songshanhu committee signed a contract earlier this year with plans to build high-tech parks in Taiwan, Dongguan Songshan Lake Liansheng projects. After repeated visits and a series of consultations on the Songshan Lake Wintek getting more and more investor confidence, increasing the scale of investment. The total investment is planned over 100 million first phase investment of 3.7 billion construction project in Dongguan Lian-Sheng LCD monitors, including LCD modules, touch panels and related components of the R & D center will be built Wintek mainland operations, R & D headquarters and an important production base. After the completion of the first phase of the project is expected to produce 27.3 million different types of panels, the annual output of over 100 billion yuan.

Science & Technology Park welcomed the first day the park opened the largest investment project LED
Songshan Lake Park in the opening ceremony of Taiwan high-tech field, Songshan Lake High-tech Zone and the Taiwan Island Lei Technology Co., Ltd. signed a project investment agreement. Taiwan Lei Chau in the Songshan Lake Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Hi-Tech Park in Taiwan to invest 60 billion yuan to build large-scale LED projects. This means that Taiwan's high-tech park opened Songshan Lake Park on the first day that ushered in Guangdong Province, the largest LED investment projects.
Lei Chau Technology Co., Ltd. headquartered in Taiwan, Chu Nan Town, Miaoli County, currently has three production bases, namely Chunan plant, Kameyama plant and factory in Dongguan, is a professional LED LED Chip factory. The project will invest in the Songshan Lake High-Tech Park in Taiwan nearly 9 billion U.S. dollars, invested mainly in LED epitaxial wafers, and other core aspects of the upstream, midstream and downstream at the same time covering the whole industrial chain, plans 5 years with 100 MOCVD (blue brand that international companies more than 56 wafer optical Equipment), production scale, the first year of completion of 140 million U.S. dollars of investment, with 25 MOCVD capacity. According to relevant analysis, the success of the project will enable the introduction of LED industry in Dongguan City, the overall competitiveness of the country jumped to the forefront of change in midstream and downstream industries in Dongguan LED unbalanced development of the passive situation and bring good economic returns.
News Perspective
Offer rewards to a two-pronged pace of industrial restructuring
Maybe in the eyes of most people, Dongguan is a traditional Taiwanese paradise, but the rise of Songshan Lake High-Tech Park in Taiwan will not only change people's view, also make Taiwanese high-tech industry groups to re-examine and re-understanding and eventually fell in love with the city of Dongguan. As more and more high-tech Taiwanese-invested enterprises located in Songshan Lake, Dongguan industry will significantly accelerate the pace of transformation of traditional industries will be driven by large projects to upgrade high-tech opportunities. Songshan Lake High-Tech Park in Taiwan will be the Dongguan Taiwanese high-tech big business favor the direct cause. John Hsuan led a delegation to visit three times, met with Wang Yang Songshan Lake three times here, welcoming the first park opened two projects, these are reasons to believe that the outside world, Songshan Lake High-Tech Park in Taiwan will become the Pearl River Delta and the country gathered to undertake the important high-tech Taizixiangmu land.
Dongguan municipal government recently issued "Dongguan Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park, the project offers the introduction of the Interim Measures" for meeting the required standards of granting land concessions is not only important items, and be amply rewarded. For example, for tax years 5000 million total high-tech enterprise of scientific research to give generous incentives. This is attractive for large projects, enterprises can minimize the investment and operation costs. Songshan Songshan Lake Park is Taiwan's high-tech strategy to implement the main battlefield of large projects, this policy would benefit greatly presence of Taiwan's technology companies. Songshan Lake also provided by Dr. admission prices as low as the work of 4,500 yuan per square meter of housing, senior personnel and 20 million financial relief, not including various types of subsidies given by the Dongguan Municipal Government. In addition, the Songshan Lake enterprises to set up R & D institutions to give the maximum 15 million yuan of special funding levels, Songshan Lake, Dongguan City, and innovation and entrepreneurship leading talent project to give the maximum seven million yuan to support the special start-up funds. Meanwhile, Dongguan City, in the "second Five-Year" period, the municipal financial arrangements less than 80 billion yuan to support the strategic development of new industries, while annual arrangements 20 billion "Dongguan Science and Technology" project to support innovation, Songshan Lake will continue to improve Songshan Lake Science and Technology Policy and development funds to increase investment, which will directly benefit the emerging industry-led strategic Songshan Lake High-tech Park in Taiwan.

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