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Section MC devaluation

Enlarge font  Decrease font Publish date:2010-11-23   Source:liang360   Scan times:264

Guangdong Province is the LED display producing province, last year in sales value, export value are in the leading position. In order to better integration of scientific and technological strength, called out the slogan of the brand led the way display industry, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of pure MC Optical Technology Co., Ltd. recently the most important "stability"LED display, breaking technical barriers, the market is not stable display rewriting, the customer talks Screen at the mere mention of history. Previously, the core has with the Chinese Academy of Science United States Institute of Semiconductors, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Guangdong Province, National Semiconductor Engineering R & D and industry alliances, LED display industry in Guangdong to discuss future research development plan, to promote the LED display industry, the core technology, LED screen together for the stability of the industry to do work.

U.S. core subjects will be "stable, of course, the U.S. core subjects" in the months leading the entire industry, will focus on high-end part of a breakthrough in the industry and market barriers to foreign patent monopoly, as the LED industry in Guangdong Province and the country to provide technical Support. The technology will promote the integration and sharing of industry resources to enhance the LED display industry's independent innovation capability and industrial competitiveness.

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