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  • BrandsNameKingsun
  • Official Homepage:Vacancy
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  • Update time:2020-04-22

Company: Dongguan Kingsun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., Department of Tsinghua University, the field of semiconductor lighting partner, China's semiconductor lighting technology standards working group members, high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, Chairman of the Alliance unit LED industry, with more than 2,000 employees works more than 400 technical staff, has become a high-power LED lights, tunnel lights, basketball court lights, tennis court lights, golf course lights, stadium lighting, Christmas lights, flood lights, wall lamp, digital control, point source, Underground lamp, ground lamp, underwater lights, garden lights and interior Lighting products, lighting products for semiconductor research and development, production, sales, and city lighting engineering deSign, construction, maintenance as one of the major semiconductor lighting company.
Company History: Founded in 1993, on the ground in 1994, outdoor decorative lights began production and sales. 1998 low-power and the power LED research and development. 2004 high power LED applications, research and development. In 2007, on the ground and Tsinghua University to achieve "production, learning and research," the joint, in the LED application technology R & D and technological innovation has invested huge R & D technology, from traditional industries to upgrade high-tech industry, from labor-intensive manufacturing business enterprises to the development of high-tech industry chain in depth by functional lighting products to energy-saving lighting up, intelligent lighting solutions, and gradually explore a complementary semiconductor lighting and scenery closely integrated renewable energy industry development.
R & D strength and scale of the production system: the ground with Tsinghua University to achieve "production, learning and research," the joint, co-founded the semiconductor lighting technology Research Institute, Guangdong Province, set up semiconductor lighting technology and application engineering center, LED packaging factory, lighting plants, lighting LED factory complete industrial chain, with full reference to the United States UL laboratory configuration; to Tsinghua University, State Key Laboratory on Integrated Optoelectronics, lead, Kingsun the combination of domestic semiconductor lighting top senior scientific research personnel, including Dr. 17 post-doctoral, Master 48. High-power LED in the second non-imaging optical system, cooling system design, circuit drive system, wireless communication and other aspects of intelligent control system to achieve major breakthroughs in the energy, illumination, uniformity, safety, water, dust and other indicators fully met National road lighting standards, with more than 200 national and international patents, and has formed a 20 million square meters of production base for semiconductor lighting products and large-scale automated production system.
Qualification and Certification: Kingsun LED power light power supply products through the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the Ministry of Information Industry Institute of Electronics fifth energy conservation, safety and reliability of testing and quality certification, the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Information Institute Technology Search new assessment, the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology, "High-power LED street lamp" technology achievement appraisal, Guangdong Province, energy products, energy use monitoring center to monitor, an "energy label products in Guangdong Province" certificate, and was included in the 2008 "special key industries in Guangdong Province" and the "National Key New Product" program; awarded the "preferred brand of government procurement in China", "key high-tech industries to promote their products", "National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Information Industry and the revitalization of the electronic information industry and technological transformation projects (national plans investment of 15 million budget) "," 863 Plan "and so on.
Demonstration project: including the National Grand Theater lighting, road lighting Beijing Green Olympics, Shanghai F1 racing field illumination engineering, Guangdong Science Center Square and the surrounding road lighting engineering, Tsinghua University, street lighting works within the Olympic venues, and Zhongshan, Dongguan and other urban areas, comprehensive transformation of township street projects. Guangdong Province, featuring the drafting local standards for LED street lighting, and the main commitments of Guangdong Province "one hundred thousand miles" to promote high-power LED street lamp demonstration road construction, road lighting, LED, Dongguan city transformation project. Meanwhile, Kingsun very sound sales network, handling the products in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangdong and other hot domestic market and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other overseas markets as Asia's largest production base for high-power semiconductor lighting products LED street lighting project at home and abroad the most successful cases of industry leading enterprises.
Light of economic, light culture: the first in the industry put forward the "light of economic, cultural light" industrial development of ideas, "Cultural creativity + technology * energy" as the core, urban landscape lighting for the carrier to achieve the urban lighting to the "good" technology, diligence on the design elite team of top international design creativity United Nations partners, a unique way to art lighting to create a 4,000 square meters and was named to the Guinness Book of World Records, "Eight Horses" won the "Gold Medal of Chinese folk art" and enjoy the "First Light" reputation of the "Thousand Point Light", the highest in the world, "the Guangzhou New TV Tower" and create the economic miracle of light "Impression" and "South Sea Guanyin" and other classic city lights and the "good" of works and landscaping, sports stadiums, exhibition halls, hotels, showrooms, high-grade office buildings, upscale clubs, Olympic and racing games and other fields of art science and technology interpretation of the city enjoy the beauty of the city and provide "good" and the electrical energy of contradiction between consumption range of solutions, lighting design than the average 70% saving!
Strategic concept: historic development in the industry and the breakthrough period, Kingsun LED industry, holding a total of promoting the purpose of bigger and stronger, that "together win-win" concept of cooperation, called for and interested in something in the field of semiconductor lighting As companies build mutual trust, long-term, stable and win-win partnerships in the industry through more than a decade of experience in exploration, accumulated over billions of dollars invested by large-scale technology R & D platform to create, design and research platform, the scale of production experience and ability, 200 patents for technologies and management models, business models, domestic and foreign counterparts to share, promote resource sharing and cooperation in both the strategic reorganization of the market, bigger and stronger the semiconductor lighting industry. The specific details of the strategic cooperation, once the relevant LED business model and full cooperation, on the ground formed a strategic partnership, will have to share the ground with all the results on the optical, including the brand, technology export, joint research and development and project reporting, production lines, R & D system, detection system construction, ODM / OEM set of procurement regulations, design, marketing Support, joint investments, business model design and related financial support.

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