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Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometer System

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Products / Services: Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometer System 
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Last updated: 2020-04-22
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    LTS-1500 System meets the following standards: CIE NO.127, CIENO.15, SJ / T 2355, GB / T 7922-2003, GB / T 8417-1987 and others, uses the international advanced full-spectrum method to measure the spectral power distribution of samples of various LED, includes x,y chromaticity coordinates, CCT, CRI(color rendering index), color tolerance, variation, purity, dominant wavelength, luminous flux, radiant power, luminous efficacy and other parameters. Corresponding voltage, current, power, power factor and other parameters can be also measured by applied corresponding meters.

    Test and data processing software has both language of English and T/S Chinese, also can calculate and print all measurement parameters. Data and analysis results can be PDF and other formats reports.


    (1) Integrated deSign, to provide professional, standardized and efficient integration services;

    (2) Using the most accurate spectroscopic measurements: fast CCD spectrometer with high precision, measurement in milliseconds;

    (3) Totally solution: equipped with 0.3m and 1.5m sphere, covering all kinds of sources and lamps test; equipped with auxiliary-lamp to text self-absorption value;

    (4) Automatism Design : scaling to Support one-step calibration, and one-step measure;

    (5) Advanced technology, the sphere is made by the spinning , no butt joints, to ensure higher accurate;

    (6) Optional : High reliable industrial machine


    (1) integrating sphere: standard 1.5m and 0.3m integrating sphere (special can be customized), with a laser-assisted devices;

    (2) spectral range: 380nm ~ 780nm, 1nm interval measurement and analysis;

    (3) Wavelength accuracy: 0.3nm;

    (4) Measurement speed: 3ms ~ 2000ms;

    (5) The CCT range: 1000K ~ 100000K, resolution better than 0.1K;

    (6) Flux range: 0.01lm-106 lm (integrating sphere according to size);

    (7) Flux Accuracy: 2%;

    (8) Color accuracy: ≤10K (standard light);

    (9) color tolerance Accuracy: ± 0.5SDCM (with respect to stability better than ± 0.15SDCM NIM standard light source and the amount of direct transfer value);

    (10) chromaticity coordinates accuracy: 0.0005 (standard light);

    (11) software parameters: support Traditional Chinese and English language interface, support for Windows: XP, 7 (32-bit / 64-bit) operating systems;

    (12) Communication Interface: USB2.0.

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