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LED screen printing box

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Product/Service: LED screen 
Demand quantity:  
Price requirements:  报价
Location: China Liaoning Dalian City
Valid: Long-term effective
Last Updated: 2020-04-22
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P40LED full color printing screen box welcome cooperation call us: 15840829810 Product Features 1. The whole project is low price, invest less. Kanban sun and the moon is only the overall cost of LED electronic display is generally 40%; to invest in relatively less a lot of investors into the advertising easier. 2. Kanban operating costs low sun and the moon during the day without consuming any power consumption of each module the night an average of 12 watts of power, overall power consumption is not only far lower than the average LED electronic display, and even less than traditional neon tower of power consumption. 3 longest life LED's life depends on its working hours and working temperature, the use of the same conditions, due to the patented deSign of Kanban sun and the moon during the day using ASE patents full-color panels, LED billboard advertising without light , significantly reduced the time and the use of LED operating temperature, making the sun and the moon is much higher than the general life of billboards LED full color screen, more significantly beyond the neon advertising screens 4 strong visual impact of sun and moon outdoor advertising billboards and signage LED electronic display a perfect fusion of brand marketing perform during the day and night you can focus on marketing the products to satisfy consumer demand for industrial products marketing. 5 multiples of advertising effectiveness of innovative safety design in the same financial benefit under the outdoor advertising / advertising media network users to quickly build, create greater advertising reach rate and improve the marketing synergy, the user truly an ad and advertising investment business. 6 green Energy saving products to promote national products.
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